Digital Design Workshop

Hello World,

My name is Casey Spanitz. I am 22 years old from Virginia Beach and I am a senior here at Mary Washington. I am currently a communications digital studies major hoping to one day start off by working with a non profit to use all of my skills to help raise awareness about who they are and maybe one day start my own non profit! This blog will be more of a journal with the work I have completed over this semester and throughout my final year. Enjoy!

Week 1:

A digital project I have worked on in the past was when I worked for a non profit called Operation Smile. I was in charge of updating their student programs page. I was to redesign to make the layout more organized, remove unnecessary content as well as create blogs of the students interviews.  I was to create the student programs blog daily to keep the students updated as well as their parents. I used WordPress to log and update everything. This project went smoothly due to the fact I had to check in with my advisor daily and watch her fix the little errors I had.

Reflect upon this week’s readings from The Digital Plan:

How I have approached brainstorming in the past is really making a mock plan as well being up to trial and error.

My first approach to project planning is really making sure I have a good set of questions on how i’m going to approach the project. I normally don’t get overwhelmed by a hard project I just have to know to start somewhere and take risks.

The impact I would like to have with the digital work in this class is really making a difference whether it be for the organization i’ll be working with in getting their message out there or to help someone out with whatever need be.

Week 2:

A digital project I have once worked on was a daily newsletter for a leadership conference I covered over the summer. I was to capture pictures, videos as well as interview of the students that were in attendance. A few basic goals I had in the beginning was to at least get three interviews a day and take as much pictures as possible. These little goals were set in right from the beginning and I continued to stick with this plan. As the days began I found the students were not to shy away from the camera at all but when I started to interview them they found it was awkward. This was hard for me because as stated my goal was to at least get three interviews. This is where trial and error came into play. I had to not give up or act like I was not sure what to do or I knew my daily tasks wouldn’t be successful. I continued to gather these interviews and as I would do one after another that’s when I began I have to make it more like a conversation. When I came across this realization that’s when the students were more comfortable and began to open up about their stories. From there on I continued to make sure I would make the interview more friendly and conversation based.  I was still able to gather all the information as needed. What I gathered from this was to be able to allow yourself to be up for trial and error because although you might get stuck you will learn from it along the way.

Week 3:

Last week we had our client interview with Carol from e3kids and it went great! I got to learn all about e3kids and who they are. I am super excited to be getting to work with this non profit. The projects are going to be very fun and a great learning experience. I think the hardest challenge might be organizing the footage we are sent while Carol is in Guatemala and not knowing the story behind these photos. I am ready to face this challenge because it will be great to know how to organize these projects especially communicating to Carol while in Guatemala. This is also going to help me when I am in Vietnam this summer working for a non profit I have to send footage back to headquarters every night so they can then organize my footage I sent so they can publish it on their social platforms. W

Week 5:

Three personal goals for this class would be:

  • Gain as much experience as I can
  • Grasp all the information and skills learned to use now and in the future
  • Enjoy and have fun!

These goals are really important to me because I feel I can take a lot away from this class and not many college kids get the opportunity to take a class working with nonprofits while they’re in school. One day I hope I can work with a nonprofit to help them gain more skills in the area I am practicing now as well as maybe start my own non profit.