Learning Narrative

Learning Narrative

Narrative 1:

Week one was pretty successful and reassuring. We discussed the main roles/ purpose of the class. The structure of the class is like another digital studies class I have previously taken, very hands on and student to student based. We got to create a mock up syllabus for this class and what our personal goals were for this class and what we hope to learn. I think the student teaching days will be very informative and help us gain skills we can use outside of the class. As for all the information I gained this week I am so excited for DGST 395 and all it has to offer!

Narrative 2:

This week we began our student teaching of the assigned chapters for the book Autonomous. I really enjoyed sitting in on other peers view of the chapter. It helped me view the chapters from a different perspective. All the presentations I thought were very strong at giving us deliverable material.  

Digital Fluency:

We have now discussed possible learning outcomes for this course and I must say I am ready to learn a bunch of these tools I’ve never used before. I am pretty nervous to try coding but I am also intrigued on learning how it works. I have been in a digital studies class before but I never got to learn all the different platforms and tools. I have mainly only worked with WordPress and Photoshop before. Even with my internship this summer at Operation Smile I was in charge of updating the website and social media pages but I had to teach a lot to myself with WordPress. My main focus or personal goal I would like to touch in this class would be open minded in learning coding and how the insides of the web work so I can leave this class with information I can use in the future. I hope to keep my blog page strong and updated so I can have it as a platform of my own to showcase back too.

Narrative 3:

With having completed my presentation day for Autonomous I will say I think I may have struggled a bit. When first reading my chapter before I presented I found myself confused and having to read the chapter over a few times before I had a stronger understanding of the chapter. I think where I struggled was the text was very complex and technology term savvy and I am not used to that. Paladin shooting Bluebeard in the face made the chapter more violent than I had expected but it made the lesson a bit more interactive to talk about. I created a powerpoint showcasing the main takeaways from the chapter as well as shared an article for my peers to read. Overall having struggle reading the chapter myself after teaching to my peers I thought they gained information they can take away as well as them giving me a better understanding with their inputs about the chapter.

Narrative 4:

This week I presented my second chapter of Autonomous. The main focus was on marketing gimmick. We discussed how marketing gimmick ties into the autonomous of a bot. I led a discussion where we compared the differences between a regular marketing gimmick to how a bot can be portrayed as a gimmick. A marketing gimmick is basically an idea designed to attract attention or increase appeal or the value of something.  Where as the table collaborated to come up with what we thought a marketing gimmick bot would be like. We came up with the thought that the bots would most likely act as a model for an item or really any idea that people come up with.

Coding Manifesto: Narrative 5

  • Programming is a practice and requires practice.
  • Nick Montfort reveals “programming to be not merely a technical exercise within given constraints but a tool for sketching, brainstorming, and inquiring about important topics. He emphasizes programming’s exploratory potential — its facility to create new kinds of artworks and to probe data for new ideas.”

Prior knowledge:

–       Used to the template of websites/domains.

–       Seen coding in movies


My goals for this project are really just to learn as much as I can. I do not want to have an endpoint of where I need to stop.

Another thing I would like to gain out of this is learning just the basics.

Time management, read and do task on the computer.

Take something away to use at future jobs to help make things easier.


Come up with a project that can create either a recipe or a shopping list.

Read and gain knowledge while performing the task while reading.

Narrative 6:

This week I taught my  first teaching from Nick Monfort’s Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities.  I decided to start out teaching Arithmetic Expressions from chapter 2 “Calculating”. I thought I would start with this because I have never worked with coding before besides the activity we did in class and I will say that activity actually made me hopeful and excited about learning coding. I wanted to gain knowledge of a beginning chapter so I could deliver a strong presentation of the important basics. Arithmetic Expressions such as “2+2” can be evaluated by a Python interpreter because while they are not complete programs, they are valid bits of code that can be incorporated into programs. By doing these basic expressions, it shows us that people can also perform simple math by computer.

Narrative 8 – InterWeb Recipe:                                                                                                              

For my my project I will be using GIMP and Simple Booklet  to create a food recipe that deals with access to the web. I have never had the chance to use or explore GIMP or Simple Booklet  so I thought this would be a fun way to get to know the programs better. As for the “food recipe” I create it will mainly focus on what all we have access to on the web. This can range from Canva, Unsplash, Giphy etc.For the final product I hope to be able to publish this recipe on my UMW domain website.

Learning Narrative 9 – Big Abstract Reflection:

We got to complete a big abstract activity in class, where we went around and talked about out projects. I really enjoyed this because it gave me the chance to figure out new ideas as well as figure out what I needed to fix and focus on. The purpose to my project is really just to make an interactive book of tools that are user friendly resources anyone can use. I think it’s important to know the different tools that are out there so it can be handy when time comes. I am really trying to make the book for anyone but targeting to more of highschool and college students.

Learning Narrative 10 – Progress Report #1:

The progress of my work has been successful so far. The beginning was obviously rough finding a topic that interested me so I could then deliver that message strong enough for my audience to take a clear understanding for. I then came across an idea where I decided I was going to make an interactive “cookbook / recipe” for all the insides of the inter web. For example, I will be making a visual through TWINE showing how false advertisements can be identified or disadvantages of personal information being shared on the web etc.

So far, I have accomplished a few big things. I have the layout of the cook book prepared, I have gathered my three main topics / recipes, and I have begun to try to use GIMP for my background images. I have three main goals to accomplish next before November 19th. Those are to make at least one Digital Knowledge center appointment to get the kinks out from the apps GIMP and TWINE. The most important goal is to begin putting the recipes together and the final goal I have is to gather all the images I will be using. These are very important goals due to most of these goals involving the content that will be published.

As for now I am right on track where I would like to be I’m actually further than expected. I have what I would like to call the layout / foundation of my project all in place. Once I keep coming across ideas I will keep adding them. TWINE is a very user friendly where I can go in and edit anytime. I have only had trouble figuring out the fonts and where to import the images and I will get that situated when I go to the DKC.  Before November 19th. I hope to almost be ready to finish up the project besides making corrections I need or when Ideas pop up I can go ahead and substitute those in.

Learning Narrative 11 – Progress Report #2:

At this point I would say I am more than half way done with my big project. I was surprised with all of the things I learned along the way…. good and bad. I made an appointment with the Digital Knowledge center last week and they helped me find tools on Gimp and Simple booklet I didn’t even know about. I have done my research for the topics I am going to be talking about in the menus. I also have gathered all of my images as well. I am really excited to put it all together for the final piece so I can share it with my audience. I am planning on visiting the digital knowledge center one last time before I present my final product in class with my peers.

The hardest part about using simple booklet was figuring out how to remove the background images as well as I tried to code to switch my background colors. With the coding aspect, it was a lot of trial and error messing around with the different color codes. I was really excited when I got to play around with this coding because before I learned the basics of coding I was terrified to try and learn all the ins and outs.

For my in-class teaching day I will be showing my peers how to use Simple booklet through a live screen recording. I feel as if this is a very useful website or source that my peers could possibly use one day in their other classes.

Overall, I feel confident in where I am at with this project and I am excited to see how I can finish this all up

Learning Narrative 12: 

This week was a short week before Thanksgiving but was over all successful. More students presented their project ideas and I was impressed with all of the creative ideas people had. Seeing some things I have never seen before made me really intrigued with their lesson. I even took notes on some of them so I could use these myself in the future. This week I also kept working on my project as well as try and get my domain figured out. I made an appointment at the DKC and comes to find out when I went my domain wouldn’t work on the schools server so they had to put in a help desk ticket for that. I am making another appointment later on, but my first appointment was very successful and I feel a lot more confident working with WordPress as well as Simplebooklet.

Learning Narrative 13 – Progress Report #3:

On Monday, I got to present/ teach the main source I am using which is Simple Booklet. For this teaching day, I created an infographic on 6 simple steps on how to get started on Simple Booklet. I then walked my group through each step and showed them some small tricks they might find useful.

With this being progress report number three I am about finished. I have my project to show. Now I am just going in and adding extra material such as pictures, GIFS and fixing up some things. After meeting with the Digital Knowledge center, I made some major changes to my work. I originally was making a recipe book but with the content/ tools I wanted to inform my audience on it made more sense to make a tool book about all the helpful tools you can use for the digital side. My book now shows you the many different tools a user can use. I have explained GIPHY, Canva, Dafont, Unsplash and many more. It has the same concept as before just makes more sense to present to the audience with a clear understanding.

I am really excited to have a few more days to make the final touches with the feedback I received from my big teaching day and the Digital Knowledge Center.

Learning Narrative 14:

This week was our final week of class which was more of a decompress of the semester. We were to use the html format to submit our final project and I was actually glad we were to turn it in this way. This made me pick back at my brain to use what we learned a few weeks back with our coding and programming. We then were to share our final projects. I was honestly excited to see what all my peers had come up with considering we all learned the same tools and skills this semester.

Learning Narrative 15: 

Overall I am pretty satisfied with how the final product of my big project turned out. At the beginning of my initial planning process I wanted more of a recipe book with step by step process but once I began putting together my topics I thought about how most students don’t even know what these digital sources are so that’s when I realized I should just put together a simple tool book that explains these sources. I did stick to a few goals that were to publish this on my main domain and to define these topics in a fun manor. Looking back at the guide lines there were a few points we were to accomplish and those were to create a valuable, durable, accessible, artifact and employs a tool that you don’t already know. The artifact I chose was to address the digital tools that many do not know about. The tool I chose to use that I never have before was simple booklet. Which is an online source that makes sliders, flip booklets, and web brochures you can publish, post, share, and email. The overall grade I would give myself would be a solid B. I think I put in a lot of thought and time into this project really focusing on what kind of material my audience would get purpose out of. I went to the DKC twice to help gain better knowledge on how to use this source as well as better understanding how to organize my blog. Where I messed up I think would be my original thought process I wanted to go for a recipe book but that did not happen, so a tool book had to do. I was overall pleased that I maintained the guidelines to help complete this project.

Learning Narrative 16 – A reflection on digital fluency: 

This semester has been filled with digital fluency. I feel as if I have gained so much knowledge about what all is involved with media and the web. Having only used WordPress a few times before I came into this class I can say I am actually confident and know the ins and outs. In my first draft of the digital fluency I stated I was nervous to try out coding and programming, well we can say I have successfully crossed that off the list. I really enjoyed Nick Montfort’s textbook, Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities. I never would have thought that just reading a book that gives you step by step would teach me such a useful skill that I was once scared of. I enjoyed having to plan a lesson and then teach it to my peers. In one of my teaching groups I was presenting to I came across an error and I thought I was doing everything right but I had my peers next to me to help walk me through that step. I thought it was very useful to have these teaching days because I took the feedback I received to help better me for my next teaching day.

Another one of my goals was to keep an open mind about digital fluency and I would say after reading Annalee Newitz’s Autonomous. 

I accomplished that fast. This book was somewhat difficult for me to read, I found myself having to re-read the chapters. I did not mind going back to re-read these chapter because I began to pick up on clues that I would not have noticed before. I thought it was really interesting seeing how Annalee talked about these bots and how they tie into the digital fluency.

All in all I picked up on how to use different media, digital text and as well as digital tools. I keep saying I wish I could have been in this class sooner so I could have been using these tools and resources all along.

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