Music Technology

Music Technology


Hello my name is Casey Spanitz. I am 22 years old from Virginia Beach and I am a senior here at Mary Washington. I am currently a communications digital studies major hoping to one day start off by working with a non profit to use all of my skills to help raise awareness about who they are. This blog will be more of a journal with the work I have completed over this semester in music technology. Throughout this course we were to work with a bunch of different sounds and use different tools to create a piece of work. Enjoy! 


Below are some of the assignments I created over the semester-

Composition of Sounds:

Audio Editing Project:

Video Presentation:


Calendar of Events:

Recently I have found that I love being on the digital side of things wether that’s handling material on social media, putting together videos or even making web pages and blogs. This past summer I worked with a non profit called Operation Smile, I was the digital media student programs intern and I had the privilege in helping out with their social media pages as well go to their student leadership conference in Seattle where 500 students came from all around the world and I was the face behind the camera capturing it as well as blogging about their experiences. It really made a huge impact on my life hearing all the different stories these kids have and they’re coming to learn more on how to make a difference in someone else’s life. I guess you can say I love what I do and thats simply because I have fun doing it and I only want to keep learning more. My thing is capturing special moments behind the scenes. Explore some of my favorite moments below!


If you would like check out my main domain page below is the link and you can see my work that I have completed throughout the semester in my other classes!